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Incorporated in 2007, thyssenkrupp Aerospace India is India’s first facility, dedicated to aerospace and defense materials. Offering customized global supply chain solutions, we provide local expertise that allows aerospace companies and their partners to concentrate on their core business in India by putting supply chain tasks in our hands. We are the world’s leading materials supplier, with a wide range of capabilities and services to support the aerospace and defense industry in India. Our division is also part of the UK business unit, which allows us to operate on a global level, supporting global aerospace supply chains, but also retain the local service and support.

At our 8,000 m² facility, we offer material supply and processing, value added manufacturing and supply chain optimization. We are located at the Aerospace Special Economic Zone in Bengaluru, which allows us to offer benefits to offshoring customers because of the duty suspended status of supplies from the SEZ. thyssenkrupp Aerospace India is also uniquely positioned to support the multiple tax regulatory zones in India.

Semi-finished aerospace metal products: round, square & hexagonal bars, tubes, profiled parts and extrusions, sheet and plate.


We stock a wide assortment of aluminum products, specifications suitable for most of the current and former aircraft build programs. thyssenkrupp Aerospace India supplies aluminum plates, sheets, bars and extruded parts to national and international aerospace companies - from major OEMs through to first and second tier subcontractors.


Both national and international aircraft manufacturer’s proprietary specifications are stocked in a wide range of steel types and sizes. thyssenkrupp Aerospace India is the local one-stop shop for all high specification material needs, as we have global access to a vast stock of aerospace and defense grade steel.


thyssenkrupp Aerospace India stocks titanium in both commercially pure and alloyed forms. The principal characteristics of commercially pure titanium include an excellent resistance to corrosion by a wide range of natural and artificial environments, together with a useful strength-to-weight ratio. Most importantly, we ensure to deliver the titanium products that suit best to our customers’ needs and requirements.

Copper Alloys

Copper is one of the oldest metallic materials, in common use. With a density from 8.90 to 8.96 g/cm³, it is relatively heavy metal with very good thermal and electrical conductivity properties. thyssenkrupp Aerospace India offers an extensive range of copper products, including standard copper grades and also copper-nickel alloys. 

Warehousing & Logistics

thyssenkrupp Aerospace India has many years’ experience in delivering high quality warehousing and logistics service:

  • Coordination of sub-contractor deliveries

  • Storage of vendor or customer managed inventory (VMI)

  • Kitting of parts

  • Just-in-time delivery of kits to point of use and in-plant logistics

Cut to Size Processing of Plates, Bars, Tubes and Extrusions

Our wide array of precision processing services includes precision cuts, contour sawing for circles, rings, and special shapes, shearing. Along with a wealth of product knowledge, our rigorous quality and auditing procedures ensure that we are well placed to offer a precise cut-to-size service.

Material Inspection

Our proven track record of material inspection services sets us apart from other suppliers and has helped us to become the major metals provider for many of the world’s top aerospace and defense companies.

Value Added Services

Our facility has the ability to offer value added services like Inventory Management, VMI, Value Added SCM activities, JIT, Kanban - all from the Special Economic Zone.


Plate Saw - Capable of cutting up to 200x4000mm plates

plate saw

Band Saw - Meba Eco 410, capable of cutting up to 400mm; Behringer HBM440A - Automatic feed, capable of cutting up to 440mm.

band saw

Sheet Polycoater - Capable of laminating sheets up to 1400mm wide.

polycoating sheets
team thyssenkrupp Aerospace India

Meet the team

Our team of experts at thyssenkrupp Aerospace India brings market, supply chain and strategic insight to the aerospace and defence sector.

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